Design Ability Inc. is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization in the business of making fun available to individuals of all levels of capabilities. Design Ability Inc. is only able to operate because of the generosity of those who support our cause and your support will help us greatly improve the lives of individuals with a variety of disabilities.11836829_10153435520023904_2676559784804244603_n

Please consider donating to help us provide the modified recreational vehicles to those who would benefit from them most. Design Ability Inc. is able to accept donations of all kinds including money, goods and services to help support our cause. Sponsorships are another way for businesses and individuals to lend their support. Any donations will go to the purchase of vehicles, components, labor and other requirements to build, test and deliver the modified vehicles. We hope to provide the vehicles to groups and individuals at low-cost or no cost to them.

For cash donations, please follow the PayPal link below. For all other types of donations please fill out the form below and send us some information concerning how you would like to get involved.